Roizman’s Proposed Age Qualified Overlay District in East Norriton

Roizman’s Proposed Age Qualified Overlay District in East Norriton

Recently, Roizman Development, Inc. proposed an “Age Qualified Overlay Zoning District” in East Norriton. We’ve had a number of questions about what an overlay district is and what it means in  the context of East Norriton.

An Overlay District is essentially “dual zoning”.  The original zoning is still intact, but an “overlay” that meets certain criteria, could also be an acceptable zoning.

Roizman’s proposed “Age Qualified (AQ) Overlay District” had 3 criteria for this alternative zoning to be applied in East Norriton:

  1. Lot size 7 to 12 acres,  (the proposed Woodland Ave site of 10 acres is red and labeled “AQ”)


  1. Site located within ½ mile of either Germantown Pike or DeKalb Pike (the area located within the black dashed lines)


  1. Site located within 1000’ of a Hospital or Major Medical Center (areas located within the red dashed circles)


Areas that meet all 3 criteria are shaded in pink on the attached zoning plan – nearly 1/3  the total area of East Norriton Township.

If the AQ Overlay District had been adopted by the EN township supervisors, then ANY developer would have had the right to construction a high density (18 units/acre), 55’ tall, 3 story apartment complex, for seniors, 1 parking space per unit, on any 7 to 12 acre site in the pink shaded “AQ Overlay District.”

Thank you to Francie Siegel, RA, AIA for this explanation.


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